Fancy Coloured Diamonds
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Fancy Coloured Diamonds


Coloured Diamonds: A Brief Understanding

Diamonds are made from carbon atoms bonded together in a crystalline lattice that doesn’t absorb light, which results in the clear, colourless appearance of a pure diamond. Coloured diamonds, such as Argyle pink diamonds, have what is known as a 'defect centre', where one or more of the carbon atoms in the diamond lattice may be missing, or may have been replaced with a different element. With enough defect centres the diamond may take on different properties, such as absorbing light to the point of a visible colour difference. Different defects will produce different diamond colours. For example, a sufficient amount of nitrogen atoms in a diamond will make it appear yellow.

Coloured diamonds, such as Argyle pink diamonds, are an extremely beautiful and natural phenomenon. It is because of their unique nature that these diamonds are extremely expensive and in many cases, continue to grow in price every year due to their high demand and scarcity throughout the world.

Whilst a Diamond’s value is based on the four C’s: Colour, Carat, Cut and Clarity, the value of a naturally coloured diamond is predominantly determined by the rarity and intensity of its colour. 


Pink Diamonds

Pink diamonds are predominately mined in the East Kimberly region of Western Australia. Over 90% of the world's pink diamonds are supplied by Argyle.

Despite their popularity, little is known about the defect centres that cause the pink colour in diamonds. 

 Pink diamonds are graded on a scale ranging from 1PP (Darkest) to 8P (Lightest); The intensity of their colour directly influences their value. Pink diamonds are also characterised into four different colour tones, as some pink diamonds may feature other visible defect centres. 

PP: Purple Pink (Rarest and most valuable colour tone)

P: Pink (Most common)

BP: Brownish Pink (Less desireable colour tone)

PC: Pink Champagne



Champagne Diamonds

Champagne Diamonds are graded on a colour scale ranging from C7 (Darkest) to C1 (Lightest).




Yellow Diamonds

Diamonds which feature nitrogen atoms will have a yellow appearance.

Yellow Diamonds range in colour from Yellow to the intensity of Fancy Vivid Yellow. The more intense the colour, the greater the value.



Blue Diamonds

Boron impurities make diamonds appear blue.

Blue Diamonds are graded on a colour scale ranging from BL3+ (Darkest) to BL1 (Lightest).

blue diamonds


Red Diamonds

Red Diamonds are the rarest and most valuable Diamonds on earth.