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Gemstones are naturally occurring crystalline forms of minerals, durable enough to be enjoyed for generations within beautifully crafted jewellery. Gemstones have been valued through the ages for their beauty and rarity but unlike diamonds, there is no universal grading system for the precise valuation of gemstones. 

The purity and beauty of a gemstone’s colour is the primary determinant of its quality, although size, shape, the quality of surface, orient and luster are also all very important factors.




Emeralds are fascinating gemstones which feature a most beautiful, intense and radiant green colour.  In top quality, the most fine emeralds are even more valuable than diamonds. They obtain their colour by trace amounts of chromium and sometimes vanadium.

Emeralds are considered as one of the four “precious stones.”




A ruby is a pink to blood-red colored gemstone. The red color is caused mainly by the presence of the element chromium. The price of a ruby is primarily determined by its colour. The brightest and most valuable "red" (called pigeon blood-red), is significantly more valuable than other rubies of similar quality.

Rubies are one of the four “precious stones.”




Sapphires come in all sorts of colours (excluding the colour red, which is referred to as a Ruby). They are remarkably hard gemstones that are most commonly worn in jewellery. For many centuries, 'Ceylon' blue sapphires (sapphires which originate from Sri Lanka) have been treasured by royal families around the world for their alluring characteristics and range of blues. Sapphires are considered to be symbol of love, loyalty, power, royalty and wisdom.  

Sapphires are one of the four “precious stones.”